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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Step it Up!

Guess who's back?!

Okay so it's been a year plus since I've blogged. Sorry. It's been a crazy year for both me and wrestling. I've got a lot to say and thank god I've got myself an outlet to do that with. I'm back with my first, and not last, blog of 2011 so here we go.

I want to talk about wrestling superstars. Everyone wants to talk about who is going to have the biggest year in wrestling. I do too, but that's a different blog. Is it Dolph Ziggler? Is it Matt Morgan? Is it Ted Diabiase? Or is it some other black horse candidate we're not considering? Time will tell kids. But I believe last year I did tell you to keep your on The Miz and he is WWE Champion now.

You're welcome.

But today I want to discuss the wrestlers who I feel aren't doing so stellar. They have so much potential and just aren't getting their shit together. This could be a bit controversial and I don't care. I welcome your comments. Hell I'll post them on the blog and answer them publicly.

I've broken this down by what show their on and yes we even get a few TNA boys in there too.

  • Mark Henry
  • Gail Kim
  • Evan Bourne
  • Yoshi Tatsu
  • Zack Ryder

  • Chavo Guerrero
  • Curt Hawkins
  • Trent Baretta
  • Tyler Reks
  • JTG
  • Rosa Mendes

  • Eric Young and Orlando Jordan
  • Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal
  • Generation Me
  • Amazing Red
  • Robbie E and Cookie
Seriously Robbie E and Cookie were a fail gimmick from the moment it was conceived and the 15 minutes are up. Bye bye.

And there you have it. If you would like to question my picks then by all means shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment. I love feedback.

Back another day, hopefully soon with my picks for the big breakout stars of 2011.

My name is Chris and I am the wrestling dweeb.

***** This post brought to you by the one and only Wrestling Dweeb. As always comments and e-mails are welcomed and encouraged. Simply click on the e-mail icon in the sidebar, or hit reply to any blog message you see to let your feelings be heard. Or you can simply click under each blog and do a quick vote how you felt about the blog. We also welcome submissions and suggestions so if you have any wrestling stories, memories, questions for me, discussions you'd like to begin, everything you wish to submit is welcome and I will use as much fan submissions as I can. *****

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick thought about CM Punk and Luke Gallows

So CM Punk has been doing this whole storyline of how being straight edge is the way to be. Now in reality whether or not you agree that drug free is the way to be is up for you to decide, but we can all agree I think this methods of conversion probably aren't the best ways to go about it. Personally aside from the Jesus complex he seems to have adopted I like what he is doing but we need to address his new heavy, Luke Gallows.

The former Festus has become the bodyguard for CM Punk. Claiming the whole "Festus" thing was a result of drugs and being enabled by negligent family and friends. Once Punk got him cleaned up he saw the way. But where does that leave his former partner? You know Jesse aka Slam Master J?

It just seems that if they are going to talk about making Luke better and giving him closure and whatnot and show the family and friends they aren't needed and what not where is our payoff match between J and Gallows? Seriously this way overdue. To the point that we're almost pretending they don't even know each other let alone were tag team partners. Now I know I haven't asked this in a while but I'll ask it now...

Seriously, what the fuck?

This post brought to you by the one and only Wrestling Dweeb. As always comments and e-mails are welcomed and encouraged. Simply click on the e-mail icon in the sidebar, or hit reply to any blog message you see to let your feelings be heard. Or you can simply click under each blog and do a quick vote how you felt about the blog. We also welcome submissions and suggestions so if you have any wrestling stories, memories, questions for me, discussions you'd like to begin, or ideas for our Diva Du Jour everything you wish to submit is welcome and I will use as much fan submissions as I can.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few words from Chris Slater

My name is Chris Slater. No, I’m not THE Wrestling Dweeb, but I guess you could say I am A wrestling dweeb. I am a life-long fan of professional wrestling. I’ve been a multi-year fan of blogging, and the ability to combine the two here at the Wrestling Dweeb’s blog is an opportunity I’m very excited about.

I've been a fan of professional wrestling for most of my life. I would say I became "obsessed" around the age of 10 - 1996 - when the nWo and "Monday Night War" was heating up. I was always aware of professional wrestling, and always paid attention when it was on. However, it wasn't until 1996 that I started going out of my way to watch wrestling, buy magazines, rent pay per views, etc...

My first memory of wrestling comes from when I was 4 years old. I remember standing in my grandpa's living room and being completely scared. The Undertaker had attacked the Ultimate Warrior and stuffed him in a casket. I thought the Warrior was going to die. Luckily, the Ultimate Warrior lived to fight another day. Wait, on second thought....

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, my first wrestling memory is here for everybody to share:

To shed some light on who I am as a wrestling fan, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my favorite wrestlers and type of wrestlers. I'm not one of the hardcore "wrestler's wrestler" people. I don't hate John Cena because he can't mat wrestle. I do like mat wrestling, but I also like to be entertained.

Pretty much standard for anybody's list of favorites is Ric Flair. I wasn't a huge fan of his until his WWE run starting in 2001, when I had a chance to go back and re-live his career and understand what he had contributed to the wrestling business.

It's not a popular thing to say, but Chris Benoit was definitely one of my favorite wrestlers when I was a kid watching WCW. I may explore that subject more in the future.. For some reason, Sean Waltman (1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, X-Pac) has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. He could go in the ring and he had a charisma that hooked me. Over the years, I've been attracted to the work and characters of Dean Malenko, Stevie Richards, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, The Rock, etc... It's a varied list. I like a little bit of everybody.

I don't put a lot of stock into what "era" we are currently in in professional wrestling. There are different styles of wrestling, which can be broken down into eras: early 1980's WWE was different than late '80s WWE, which was different than early '90s WWE, which was different than late '90s WWE... are you sensing a pattern?

My favorite would tend to be the only era with an actual name to it - the "Attitude Era," spanning from 1997-ish until early 2001. It wasn't just WWE. I was a huge WCW fan at the time. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan, but I kept up with ECW back then.

WCW and WWE were both putting out a great product during those years. WCW was rolling ahead with the drama surrounding the nWo and Sting, while WWE was strapped to the shoulders of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and later The Rock.

One of the reasons I think there aren't a lot of definable "eras" in wrestling is because there are no definitive dates attached. Some say the "Attitude Era" began after WrestleMania 13. Others say it began after the 1997 Survivor Series. But, most generally agree that the "Attitude Era" ended on April 1, 2001 - WrestleMania X-7.

WCW had been purchased by WWE only 6 days earlier, and ECW was out of the game. The wrestling world was in a transition period, and the wrestling produced was a different product than what was on the air before WrestleMania X-7, which was headlined by the 2nd of 3 'Mania matches between Steve Austin and The Rock.

What can you expect from me in future posts? I don't expect you to come here for breaking news or general show information. You can do that at several different sites. With me, you'll likely get a lot of random bits you won't find featured anywhere else. I may post a random YouTube clip and talk about it. I'm a huge fan of wrestling trivia and may throw some out there or have a contest of some sort.

I will give you a preview of a couple blogs - I recently read Hulk Hogan's and Rey Mysterio's autobiographies and will review those. I have the book "Chris and Nancy," a look at the 2007 Benoit double-murder suicide by Irv Muchnick. I haven't read it yet, but will soon and hopefully get a few words posted about it. Also, since this decade is over, I want to look at five wrestlers who were poised to be huge stars this decade (based on their performaces in 2000-2001), but wound up not making as huge an impact as they'd like.

That's it for now. Hopefully this is the start of something fun. Comments, feedback, criticism, whatever, is encouraged.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Rising Star predictions (part 2)

To call this my most ambitious blog to date is an understatement. To sit and write about 22 wrestling superstars is nothing short of daunting. Especially when I get distracted really easily by my X-Box and twitter. And yes if you guys tweet me questions I will answer them in my blogs.

So here it is, the TNA edition of who to watch in 2010. Unfortunately for the timing of this blog some of the statements I have written about certain superstars I have had to rethink due to events that have already happened in 2010. However the 10 I initially picked are the 10 I am staying with in this blog.

#10 - Desmond Wolfe

It's like he said, it started with a handshake. I still remember what it was like when he took those sunglasses off, smiled turned around and beat the hell out of Kurt Angle. A couple of awesome matches later and ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a boneafide main eventer. Where the British Invasion I feel come off (at times) looking like a couple of comedians, Wolfe comes off looking intense and dangerous. Which is something we've lacked in our heels in a while. Sure we have Samoa Joe who is intense ALWAYS, but Wolfe is a little bit different. He's some new blood, a breath of fresh air, in short just what we needed on the heel side of the roster. I had the pleasure of both seeing him wrestle and meeting him. Thought he was rather nice and that night in that ring I became a definite Wolfe fan. Is he the complete main event package? No. But he's not that far off either. If the end of 2010 is any indication there is nothing but big things in store for Desmond Wolfe in 2010.

#9 - Kiyoshi

You see these guys have their video packages introducing us to these new guys and where they come from and what they're all about. In these packages we learned that Homicide once wrestled with a tampon in a bullet wound so he could compete. We learned all about how Robert Roode went through in Canada to be a superstar. We even learned that Jim Cornette though Vince McMahon was an idiot on how he handled and later fired Matt Morgan. But Kiyoshi's video was a little bit different. We had the usual praise from his peers but what his video had was what the other videos seemed to lack. Star power. Kiyoshi got the rub from none other than "The Icon" Sting. STING!!! Sting put this kid over and told us all to watch him. For the early part of 2009 it was easy to do just that. But then he joined the World Elite and he's become more of a punchline than anything. So maybe I don't have the video evidence to back up anything I might have to say on the subject, but trust me. I have seen enough of this kid's matches to know that if we just stand back and let him be him, that you are going to amazed. Future X-Division Champion for certain. Future tag team champion, if they can find a partner to keep up with him. Future World Champion? Well nobody ever thought Rey Mysterio would be the heavyweight champion but he did it. All I'm saying is I'd start buying stock in Kiyoshi.

#8 - Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

Quick quiz hotshots, who are the most talented team in TNA today? Beer Money? Sure they're entertaining as hell and aren't afraid to kick your ass. Team 3D? Solid arguement. They've got the experience, the continuity and the staying power. That's a hard trio to top. British Invasion? Sure. To be the best you got to beat the best, and if you're holding the gold then you've beaten the best. So the tag team titles alone could be all the proof you need. But what team consistently gets the pops, even when they are not faces? What tag team manages to find a way onto TV even without having any matches? What tag team by their mere presence on screen can bring a smile to your face before a word is said? That's right. The guns. They've got that unique offense that their opponents find hard to prepare for or to counter once they're in the ring. They've got that charisma that just screams champion caliber superstars. And they're even so good on the mic that if they tell you they're going to win, 9 times out of 10 you will believe it. Have they been in numerous singles matches for titles and title shots? Yes they have. Have they been in several matches for tag titles and tag title shots? Yes they have. So why is 2010 any different? Because there comes that time in every career where something big has to happen or something big has to change. Therefore the way I see it either the guns have to win the TNA Tag Team Championship AND/OR the IWGP Tag Team Championship by year's end or it is time for them to think about breaking up the band. I think this is a solid team and could easily carry the tag division, but if we keep putting our X-Division guys in tag teams and then do nothing with them we're hurting 2 divisions at once. Please either let these guys carry the ball or let them rebuild the X-Division, and yes I believe they could do it.

#7 - "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

I think Daniels has gotten the short end of a lot of sticks in TNA over his career. I feel like he has deserved so much better than he has been given. Not that he should be given anything, yes he should earn it as much as anyone should, but I feel he earned his a long time ago. I've watched Daniels from from the old NESN days feuding with Elix Skipper to his Spike TV earlier days feuding with Joe and Styles. Getting fired and coming back as Curry Man and jobbing out near the end of that run. Coming back again as Suicide when Kaz got hurt only to get entered into a feud with Suicide when Kaz came back and again it went nowhere. Now he lost a match to determine "the greatest wrestler ever". I thought Kurt Angle said that was him but I guess that's another story. Bottom line is this. In my own personal opinion, Daniels is better than Styles. He's quicker. He is more charisimatic. He is just overall a better performer. And he deserves a lot better than he has been given. I think TNA finally started doing something right when they let him go back to being a heel and let him do what he does best, talk some shit and be an asshole. Because he can back it up. And they continued to do right when they put him in the main event scene of a couple of pay per views. Now giving him 10 seconds of TV time on the most important night in the company, maybe that's not so smart, but maybe we can make up for it. I say let him go a few months without losing a match. Build up a nice little bit of momentum for himself. THEN you let him show you what a legitimate threat to the world title looks like. Just remember don't call it a comeback. He's been here for years.

#6 - Hamada

Okay so let's have it. The fact that Hamada is the only woman on this list must PROVE that I'm more of a TNA fan. Again I must state that I am a proud member of both the WWE Universe AND TNAtion. Superfan if you will. Ayoko Hamada impressed me the first night she arrived in TNA. A hardcore match with Daffney which ended with Hamada moonsaulting herself through a table for the win. Damn impressive. Bringing the fight to people's faces that she has a beef with ? Rare. So go ahead Chris, tell us why she's so awesome! I can't do that. Because Hamada is 100% intangible. I don't know what it is that makes her so awesome. But you watch her style, you watch her move and you know you have something very unique in this one. And yes I think she could throw down with the men too, as she has already proven. It will not take long for the world to notice this one and I am glad I got her autograph, so I can say I got it BEFORE she was a household name.

#5 - Suicide

So next to wrestling my other big love is video games. (Anyone want to come play Halo 3 with me? I've also got ODST). And it is not often that I have gotten to play a guy in a wrestling video game BEFORE I've seen him in a wrestling ring. Yes I had seen Frankie (Kaz) Kazarian several times in the ring but not Suicide. "The Dark Savior" as it were. My big complaint about Suicide? His finishing move. The Suicide Solution. In the video game it was the D.O.A., why did they change it? I hope it was a good reason because I'm sure Kaz can do the move. Personal note, I miss Kaz as himself because I always marked out for the move just because it was called The Flux Capacitor. They have done a good job of taking Suicide and turning him from a video game character into a full fledged superstar. Now in 2010 let's see how far they can take this unique individual.

#4 - Jesse Neal

Okay I won't lie to you. I'm not a Neal fan. BUT I do like him more NOW then I did when we first met him. He's more badass now. More smashmouth as they say. In wrestling one of the most important things is to always make your talent look their best. Having Jesse Neal be a little whiny bitch every week does not a superstar make. Turning him into a badass wrecking machine. MUCH BETTER. They've parterned him up with the Dudleys (Team 3D) and Rhino, and if they can keep that foursome together long enough, this kid's career is going to sky rocket.

#3 - Hernandez

I find it a little bit annoying that we split up a tag team that had become a main stay of TNA like LAX, reportedly to give both guys singles careers (that's why Salinas left, she didn't want to get lost in the shuffle), only to take one half of those guys and put them into ANOTHER tag team. It's almost a middle finger to his old partner. But these are just personal bitchings I suppose. But then again it is my blog. The entire wrestling world thought when he opened his Feast or Fired case and showed the world he had a World Title shot that it was only a matter of time before Supermex became TNA Heavyweight Champion. When he started bulldozing through people like they were nothing, it seemed like the days were counting down. And then he got his "shot" (kinda), and bam, nothing. No title win. And no title matches since. Sean Hernandez may just be one of the top three best big men in TNA. He can move, he can fly, and he can kick your ass. It's not common to see a big man who can do those things. And after all this time I still don't know what it means when he says "Tu Gusto or no". My money is on "like it or not". But nobody has corrected me so far.

#2 - "The Pope" D'angelo Dinero

Now Taz and Tenay may never call him by his true name. However, this is a blog. And I'm not a wrestling insider. I'm not fucking Dave Meltzer or some shit. I say what I want, about who I want, when I want. And I am a big ELIJAH BURKE fan. I wasn't that crazy for this character when he first arrived in TNA. I was like "why can't he just be himself?" A lot of people already knew who this guy was. From his OVW days and his stint in ECW as the leader of the New Breed and his AWESOME matches with C.M. Punk. Shit did I just reference a WWE superstar in a TNA blog? Dammit. Hell even Vince McMahon named Burke the future of ECW. Guess not Vince. Maybe you shouldn't have fired him. Unfortunately if we are to believe YouTube and frankly when has the internet ever lied, Burke's best moment was when he leaped off the top rope and Batista caught him, speared him and powerbombed him in one move. Yes it was awesome but far from Burke's best moment. Now he's a street preacher. Peddling his products and being all pimp like. It's awesome. He's got a moveset unlike any other, he's got more charisma than almost anybody in the locker room, and most importantly maybe, he can connect with an audience. It won't be long until he's involved in many, many big matches. And 2010 is where that all starts.

#1 - "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan

I would like to tell you that I have seen every one of Morgan's matches. Every interview. Every fluid motion. This is not the case. I may be a wrestling dweeb but there is still only so much that I know. I first glimpsed the future Blueprint on a little show called Tough Enough. A lot of people are chuckling at that title alone. Like nothing good ever came of that show? Sure. Okay. Except for The Miz, John Morrison, Melina, and oh yeah, Matt Morgan. Did Matt win Tough Enough, the million dollars and go on to instant stardom? No. He got hurt halfway through the show and was advised against continuing on. But once he was better he was in OVW and later in WWE. One stupid stuttering gimmick later, lousy use creatively, and he is gone. Matt Hardy once said if creative can't write something good for the wrestlers they should fire the creative guys not the wrestlers. I agree. The first time I saw Morgan wrestle an actual match he was part of Team Cage at Lockdown. I was surprised that Morgan didn't get the pinfall despite his team winning. They had done so much to build him up for that match I thought he would make an immediate impact (no pun intended) by winning the match for his team. Now there aren't many things in wrestling that make me react out loud but everytime he puts his foot down the throat of an opponent with the Carbon Footprint I do. Watching him do that kick is like Beetlejuice watching The Excorist. It just keeps on getting (better) every single time I see it! Morgan is the future of this business. He can and will do for TNA what The Rock did for the WWE. He will make it must watch tv. He will become the face of the company, and the one everybody tunes in to watch. He will become a mega star someday and all of us can say that we were watching him back when. When he was the bodyguard for Jim Cornette, the tag partner of Abyss, the young buck who wanted to be in the Main Event Mafia and now as the 7 foot, fire breathing giant who wants nothing more than to be TNA Heavyweight Champion. TNA always says it tries to do right by its fans. To give them what they want. Listen to the crowd response when Morgan comes out on each and every show. It is louder than anyone else on the roster *EDIT: At least it was before Hogan showed up but c'mon that's Hogan*. Morgan legitimately loves his fans. He loves the business and his company. He even made TNA history by becoming only the 2nd guy to sign a 5 year contract. Here's hoping he serves out all 5 happily and very healthy, and then he signs 5 more if they treat him right. 2010 will be the year I finally get what I've been wishing for, for months now. Matt Morgan as the TNA Heavyweight Champion. I could think of no better time or place than Bound For Glory 2010. I want Hogan v Nash, and Morgan v ..I don't care, and Morgan wins the Heavyweight Title. You want to see intensity? You want to see domination? You want to see aggression? And you want to see pure untapped potential and someone who was just born to wrestle? Look no further than your future TNA Heavyweight Champion, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan.

That's the way I see it. My name is Chris and I am the Wrestling Dweeb.

Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Rising Star predictions (part 1)

Ok I am back with another blog. I haven't had the most time in the world to sit down and think about what I want to say. Truth be told I sit here with my Tweetdeck open and tweet pro-wrestlers all day. It's a pretty sweet existence. Most of them write back and answer my questions which is cool. Maybe one of them would submit to an interview for my blog. Now THAT would be awesome.

It's the end of the year and I thought while other websites and blogs are talking about who had the best year and best matches I thought I would look ahead to 2010 and predict who I see having the best year.

Now I've gone ahead and selected 22 superstars (because I counted tag teams together), that's 11 spread out over Raw, ECW and Smackdown. The other 11 has come from TNA. That is on purpose because that way both companies get equal time. I have watched WWF/WWE since I was a little boy, however I have also watched TNA for 5 1/2 of the 7 years of it's existence because that's how long I was aware of them. I consider myself both a member of the WWE universe and the TNAtion. Conflict of interest? Perhaps. But I am a wrestling fan. I like to be entertained and both products, in their way, entertain me. Last time I checked that was my right.

Now I didn't select superstars who I'd felt had stellar pasts. Nobody I'd consider currently in the Main Event. I think it would be foolish to sit here and guess that Undertaker and Kurt Angle will both have awesome years next year. I kind of consider that a given. So obviously I went with the individuals who I feel has their stock on the rise and are about to break through that glass ceiling. The ones who I personally feel have all the tools they need to be big stars. And yes it could be argued that some of the names on this list already are big stars. Unfortunately I think such things are subjective. It's up to us to determine who the big stars are. I had a chance this month to talk with both Desmond Wolfe and Matt Morgan and I considered that to be a pretty deal. Huge actually. But to the casual wrestling fan maybe they've never heard of these guys. So maybe in 2010 I feel that will change. That the average fan suddenly knows what a big deal it is when someone falls victim to the Tower of London, the Carbon Footprint or the Lie Detector.

So here we go.

So we will start with the flagship of the WWE, Monday Night Raw. Now I did not put these superstars in any order other than the order I thought of them.

He's The Miz and he's...the first person on my list. He's also your United States champion. It seems like since he went to ECW all them years ago that he became a big deal. Started out in a 3 way feud between Johnny Nitro and CM Punk over the ECW title. Which later ended in them teaming together and then the rest is history. Now he's on Monday Night Raw where he (allegedly) had 7 straight wins over John Cena. A lot of people don't give The Miz his proper due. He's loud. He's obnoxious. He shoots his mouth off. He doesn't care. Plus he can be very infuriating. Guess what? You just described a lot of guys when they are first coming up. Remember The Rock? Remember John Cena circa 2003? Remember any number of guys that started out just like The Miz did only to become some of the biggest stars in the business? Am I saying that The Miz will be that big? Time will tell I suppose. But as far as 2010 I think you're going to see a big star in the making. And no, I never thought I'd see myself type that but I can't ignore him any longer.

If you've never seen Evan Bourne wrestle. Don't blink. This kid is fast and he is just a joy to watch. He got something like 80% of the vote at Cyber Sunday 2008 to face then ECW champion Matt Hardy. Awesome match. One I felt was one of the best of the year, from any organization. He moved to Monday Night Raw in the last draft and put on a great showing against Randy Orton. He may not have won but he definitely showed he should not be trifled with either. Lately he's just been in go nowhere feuds and random matches. And now they got him teaming up with Primo. I'm not sure if this is to hold Bourne back even further since they've been doing nothing with Primo since he lost the Unified Tag Team championship or if this is their way of creating a hot new tag team. Either way being in the ring with a team like Legacy can only spell good things. Also, with talent like this kid possesses you can't ignore it and you can't restrain it. Unless you're deliberately trying to kill someone's potential. And that's just plain wrong.

Okay sure he won the tag team titles with CM Punk, he won the United States championship & the Intercontinental championship already. Sure it could be argued that his star has risen already. But I disagree. Kind of. Kofi has always to me been kind of a random superstar. When he first broke into ECW he went undefeated for quite a little run and it was cool. But then Shelton Benjamin beat him, and since that time it almost seemed random when he would win a match, like he couldn’t get any momentum. Yeah they would tell us how awesome he was and we would cheer but it didn’t seem like his career really mattered to them. Then he entered this feud with Randy Orton. And yeah we all remember The Boom Drop at Madison Square Garden, and yes that was frickin awesome. But so what? Yeah he pinned Orton, but it was on a fast count from Mark Cuban. He lost the rematch in that series. So how will Kofi’s career bounce back from this? I don’t know. But he is an amazing talent and I just get this feeling that as far as WWE goes, this could be Kofi’s year.

Okay so I wasn’t able to get pictures of these guys and I’m sorry for that. But all three people I’ve selected from the land of extreme are all part of the new superstar initiative. Those people are as follows.

  • Vance Archer
  • Yoshi Tatsu
  • Trent Beretta & Caylen Croft

One’s got that raw power, one has the speed and charisma and the young tag team at the end has a lot to prove and seem dead set on proving it. Very excited to see what these three can bring to the table in 2010.

What's up? R-Truth's career. I really found it hard to ignore the fact that he came in with so much hype and the fans were behind him so strongly and they voted him in the United States Championship match at Cyber Sunday 2008. The very last installment of Cyber Sunday I may add. All the fans wanted him to beat, then champion, Shelton Benjamin. But he didn't win. Maybe they were afraid that his star would rise too quickly and he would surpass more established stars. Which I think is bullshit but it happens. Welcome to wrestling politics 101. Take nothing away from Shelton. He's a hell of a competitor and I'm a big fan. But that's not the issue here. R-Truth has that 'it' factor. He can give great interviews, he puts on awesome matches and he connects with the fans in a big way. Maybe the WWE is finally starting to see this and next year will R-Truth finally winning some gold and showing what a true champion he can be.

You want to see a picture of potential? A picture of future world champions and hall of famers? You’re looking at it right there. These guys are awesome. They are every bit as good as they say they are. Too early to tell if they will win the tag team titles in before the end of 2010 but I will bet that they will be involved in some pretty high profile matches. Quote me on it.

Seriously. No I mean it. Seriously. Could you ask for a better introduction than by being introduced by the boss as a future world champion? That’s like a guarantee. The chosen one Drew McIntyre has already won the Intercontinental Championship from John Morrison. However I do not think for one second that his career will stall in mid-card/upper card status, I feel it really is only a matter of time before he is a solid main eventer. And that time could come very quickly and be 2010.

So those are my picks for the 2010 rising stars of the WWE. Coming soon are my TNA predictions.

My name is Chris and I am the wrestling dweeb.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

WWE announces a few future guest hosts

The WWE has announced the next few special guest RAW hosts.

On November 30 it will be Verne Troyer. Somehow I think this will play into the "Little People's Court" featuring Hornswoggle and DX.

On December 7 it will be the owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban.

On December 14 it will be a special 3 hour RAW as the Slammy Awards return. The special host that night will be none other than Dennis Miller.

On a personal note I everyone is enjoying their holiday today. That is if it is a holiday for you. Otherwise I hope you're just being healthy and safe.

This post brought to you by the one and only Wrestling Dweeb. As always comments and e-mails are welcomed and encouraged. Simply click on the e-mail icon in the sidebar, or hit reply to any blog message you see to let your feelings be heard. Or you can simply click under each blog and do a quick vote how you felt about the blog. We also welcome submissions and suggestions so if you have any wrestling stories, memories, questions for me, discussions you'd like to begin, or ideas for our Diva Du Jour everything you wish to submit is welcome and I will use as much fan submissions as I can.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Notes and Survivor Series predictions

First post in quite a while but thought I would weigh in with a few thoughts. Enjoy. Or not. Whatever.

So one of the last blogs I wrote I stated to TNA I wanted less Cody Deaner and more Daniels. In that time Daniels has been pushed to the main event and the last time I saw Deaner he was losing to Desmond in about 10 seconds. Not bad when you consider 3 seconds of that is the pinfall. Now we just take Deaner off tv and refigure the character to some less of a douchebag and we might be good.

While we're on the subject of Desmond am I the only one who noticed that one week he spells his last name W-O-L-F and the next it's W-O-L-F-E ? C'mon people can we pick a spelling and stick with it? Not really feeling this character. Seems like we get the interview every single week. Same script and all. Feels like a watered down clone of Drew MacIntyre.

So The Hurricane beat Paul Burchill and now he (and his sister) have to leave ECW. Pity because I thought he would have made an awesome ECW champion. I love Christian and all but if Zach Ryder had won the title that'd have been an awesome push for such an awesome talent ditto Burchill had ever had the opportunity. Maybe now he can go to Smackdown and show Dolph Ziggler how to win a championship. Ziggler has been after that title for literally months first with Mysterio and now with Morrison. Prior to that he was chasing the US title with then champion MVP. Persistence is key my friends.

Here are my quick predictions for tonight's Fall Classic, Survivor Series. Just a rundown of who I think will win.

  • John Cena
  • Undertaker
  • Batista
  • Team Orton
  • Team Morrison
  • Team Mickie
Sorry this blog was so thrown together just wanted to be sure I had enough time to get it done before the show started hope you all enjoy my blog and enjoy the show tonight! I will be back later this week with a more in depth blog and a new column on the Wrestling Forum.

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